At the Bottom of an Ocean of Air
At the Bottom of an Ocean of Air


Claire Pendrigh-Elliott

At the Bottom of an Ocean of Air

Date: 27-Apr-2018 – 25-May-2018

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


CAT Studio Resident Claire Pendrigh-Elliott presents At the Bottom of an Ocean of Air, an exhibition of many home-made barometers. Each barometer is constructed from simple materials – glass jars, latex, water, plasticine, wire and batteries – and responds to changes in atmospheric pressure. As air pressure constantly changes, it creates slippages and breakages in the electronic circuits, causing tiny lights to flicker in ways that are reminiscent of the bioluminescent creatures that inhabit deep atmospheres.


The CAT Project Space is made available to Studio Residents for new work, or works in progress throughout their studio tenure.


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