This project is developed by Contemporary Art Tasmania to stimulate art activity by early-career artists for presentation anywhere in Tasmania during 2020. We strongly encourage artists who have not previously had opportunities through Contemporary Art Tasmania to apply.

Many artists have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, losing not just exhibition opportunities, but also paid work in galleries and festivals along with work in related industries also impacted, such as tourism and hospitality. CAT believes it is important to enable opportunities for artists to create experimental and provisional art at this time. This program has the objective of ‘giving heart’ to our emerging artists through providing open opportunity and support for creative expression.

Cobra will culminate in six projects, each supported with a $3000 fee. Presentations may occur anywhere in Tasmania, and in any space or format. Where artists have not secured a presentation or performance space, CAT will work with them to do so.

Cobra is open to individuals or groups residing in Tasmania, within the first 5 years of professional practice, and who are not currently enrolled in a course of study. Presentations should occur in October, November or December 2020.  It is important that these artistic outcomes can be realised within this timeframe and are achievable within available resources.

Applications due: Midnight Monday 31 August 2020


Submission requirements:

  • Description of your project, including: the concept, presentation logistics, collaborators (if applicable), format of the project and any other information which will assist the curatorium to understand your vision. If you have a preferred location and presentation date please let us know. No more than 1 page.
  • A one page CV
  • Visual support material: no more than 10 images of work completed within the last three years. Artists who work with multimedia, moving image or sound to provide URLs and passwords (where needed). All examples of work must be clearly labelled, including the artist’s name, title of work, date of completion, medium, size and a short description where appropriate.

Selection criteria: conceptual ambition, experimentation, relevance

Please submit your 1 page text and 1 page CV as separate PDF documents. Images to be grouped into a single PDF document. Additional material will not be accepted. Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their submission with CAT before applying.

Enquiries and applications to:

Kylie Johnson –

Selection will be made by the Cobra curatorium comprising: Pat Brassington, Bill Hart and Kylie Johnson

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